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Event of Spring

Gero Onsen Gassho-mura Tsuchibina Matsuri (Terra Cotta Doll Festival)

About 800 dolls fashioned from terra cotta clay that were used during the Meiji through Showa eras (1868-1989) are exhibited in some of the gassho kaoku (traditional thatched roof houses), such as the home of the former Odos, and within the Koma Inu Museum (stone guardian dogs) at Gero Onsen Gassho-mura. You will appreciate the various facial expressions of these Tsuchibina dolls.


Open End of February to the beginning of April
Location ZIP code: 509-2202
Gifu Prefecture, Gero City, Mori 2269

Nawashiro-Zakura, lighted at night

The name nawashiro-zakura comes from an old custom of villagers starting preparations for rice seedling nurseries after beautiful cherry blossoms had bloomed. In April, you can see the fantastic cherry blossoms, which are lighted at night and reflected on the waters of the paddy fields.

Natural monument registered by Gifu Prefecture
Thirty-three selected Hida & Mino Sakura (cherry trees)



Open Mid-April
Location ZIP code: 509-2133 
Gifu Prefecture, Gero City, Wasa

Event of Summer

Gero Hot Springs Festival

The Gero Hot Springs Festival is the biggest event held at Gero, lasting three days.

Ryujin Hi Matsuri (Dragon Fire Festival)

【Ryujin Fire Festival】

【Ryujin Fire Festival】
August 1

According to the Gero legend of "Wankasebuchi,” on this day five dragons saunter through the city. The highlight of the event is performed upon Shirasagi Bridge, located in the center of the spa district. The respective dragons perform original dances, whirling about and enlivening the festival with sparks of fire.

Yunohana-mikoshii parade & Gero Odori (Gero Dancing)

【Yunohana-mikoshi parade】

【Gero Odori (Gero Dancing)】
August 2

On the second day, tourists can enjoy the Yunohana-mikoshi parade, where mikoshi (portable shrines) are paraded and a samba dancing team dances through the streets of Gero, and where local dancers perform Gero-odori (Gero dancing) in colorful costumes.

Gero Onsen Fireworks Musical Summer Performance

August 3

The last day of the Gero Onsen Matsuri (Gero Onsen Festival) presents a grand, live spectacle of sound and light with various brilliant fireworks shot into the sky in time with a musical accompaniment.

Location Gifu Prefecture, Gero City, Gero Onsen Spa District

Ideyu morning market・Ideyu evening market

Markets, called Ideyu Asaichi (Ideyu Morning Market) and Ideyu Yoichi (Ideyu Evening Market) are where local residents bring their homegrown vegetables and other specialties. These markets attract thousands of visitors annually.

【Ideyu morning market】

【Ideyu evening market】


Ideyu morning market April to late November

Ideyu evening market July through late August

Location Ideyu morning market
ZIP code: 509-2202 
Gifu Prefecture, Gero City, Mori, down the entrance of Gero Onsen Gassho-mura

Ideyu evening market
Gifu Prefecture, Gero City, Gero Onsen Spa District along Atanodani
Telephone 0576-24-1000 (Gero-Spa Tourist Association)
Ideyu morning marketGoogle MAP

Ideyu evening marketGoogle MAP

Mazegawa fireworks festival

This is the only fireworks festival where you can see shaku dama, enormous fireworks with a diameter of one Japanese shaku (about 30 cm or 12 inches)in the Hida region. The thunderous blast of the shaku dama echoing among the mountains and valleys is both magnificent and awesome. This festival is held annually on the last Saturday of August and enjoyed by many visitors as the highlight memory of the summer.


Viewing dates late August
Location ZIP code: 509-2604
Gifu Prefecture, Gero City,Maze, Nakagiri, Maze riverside
Telephone 0576-47-2111 
Ayu Matsuri of Greenery and Clear Streams Committee

Event of Autumn

lighting-up of Onsen-Ji Temple Autumn Leaves

A well-known Japanese legend originated from the Gero Hot Springs District.
In the Onsen-ji Temple, Bhaisajyaguru is enshrined, the Buddha of healing who is mentioned in legend. At the top of 173 stone steps, there is the main building of the temple. From the temple gate, you can enjoy sweeping views of the hot springs town and the Hida River.
An evening display of light on autumn foliage provides an atmosphere of fantasy.


Viewing dates From the middle to end of November
Location ZIP code: 509-2207 
Gifu Prefecture, Gero City, Yunoshima680
Telephone 0576-25-2465

Amateur Kabuki (Hououza Theater and Hakuunza Theater)

Shirouto Kabuki (amateur Kabuki), which still preserves the traditions of nouson Kabuki (farming village Kabuki) is performed with its simple but passionate style. Hououza (Phoenix Troupe) and Hakuunza (White Cloud Troupe) are both local Kabuki troupes with long histories, and their annual performances attract many fans.

【Hououza Theater】

【Hakuunza Theater】

Performance Days (Hououza Theater) May 3 and 4
(Hakuunza Theater) November 2 and 3
Locations Hououza Theater
ZIP code: 509-2312 Gifu Prefecture, Gero City, Mimayano

Hakuunza Theater
ZIP code: 509-2424 Gifu Prefecture, Gero City, Kadowasa
Hououza Theater
Google MAP

Hakuunza Theater
Google MAP

Event of Winter

Gero Onsen Fireworks Musical Winter Performance

Brilliant fireworks are shot into the air with accompanying music in the clear winter sky over Gero Onsen. These performances are held every Saturday in December. On the day of the last performance, a special Christmas program is presented that will particularly charm lovers.


Performance Days Every Saturday in December
(The last day is Special Christmas Performance)

ZIP code: 509-2206
Gifu Prefecture, Gero City, Kouden
Gero Bridge Joryu Shirasagi Ryokuchi Park


Tanokami Festival (Hanagasa Festival)

Tanokami Festival is known as the festival responsible for the delivery of spring to the Hida region. This Festival is an advance celebration the "yoiwai" for an ample rice harvest of the year. And this is performed by local youths who dance while wearing fabulous hats ornamented with flowers. Therefore, the festival is also called the Hanagasa Matsuri (Flower Hat Festival) and is registered as an important national intangible cultural treasure.


Performance Days February 14
Location ZIP code: 509-2202
Gifu Prefecture, Gero City, Mori