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Freshwater Fish Cuisine

Speaking of the specialties of Gero produced from bountiful and limpid streams, freshwater fish cuisine comes first. Fish are served in a variety of styles: as sashimi (raw), grilled, and stewed in soy sauce and sugar. They are not elaborate, but rather simple, yet flavorful dishes.
Above all, ayu (sweetfish trout living in clean streams) from the Maze River are a specialty that was awarded the Best Ayu Fish Prize of Japan in 2007.

【Ayu's salt grilling】

【Freshwater fish cuisine 】

Mountain herbs dish

The mountain herbs that can be captured in mountains in Gero City is a count such as the matsutake mushroom, the mushroom, Fki, and the springs, and there is no cod alone, and the simple tasting comes to miss it somehow only by saying.

Hida Beef

The taste of Hida cattle, which roam freely in the Hida Basin, is exquisite.
It is said that beef is evaluated mainly by the quality of its fat, and the taste of its juices. Only prime Hida beef is put on the market: this well-marbled, soft, and meltingly delicious meat is second to none. Really.
Hida beef is delicious both as steaks and shabu-shabu. The taste of genuine Quality is available in any style of cooking
You can enjoy Hida beef at all restaurants and accommodations in Gero. Hida beef grilled with hoba miso (herb flavored bean paste) is a unique and exquisite dish of the Hida region.

【Hida Beef】

【Hida Beef Grilled with Flavored Miso】

Kashu Tomatoes

In some parts of the city at an altitude of 600 meters (about 2,000 feet), there is a wide temperature difference between day and night, and this enables local farmers to grow Kashu tomatoes that are known for extra sweetness. There is a variety of recipes using these tomatoes, such as for tomato juice and tomato curry. In particular, “Tomato Don" (tomatoes placed in a bowl on top of spicy-sweet simmered Hida Beef and maitake mushrooms, with rice at the bottom) is one of the most irresistible dishes.

【Kashu Tomatoes】

【Tomato Don】

Locally-brewed sake

In the city, there are two traditional sake breweries, Tenryo Shuzo and Takagi Shuzo, which were both established during the Edo Period (1603-1868). The sake brewed from abundant sources of pure water and excellent rice has been highly evaluated for its quality. Both breweries can be visited with a reservation.

【Locally-brewed sake】

【Tenryo Shuzo】

【Takagi Shuzo】


Beneath the trees of the Hida region are beds where local mushrooms grow, such as buna shimeji, hijiritake, maitake, and eryngi varieties. They are quite nourishing and all have a special texture and savor. These mushrooms are excellent ingredients that can be used with any kind of cuisine.

Hida Kanayama Tea

In Kanayama Town of Gero City, there are three rivers, the Hida River, Maze River, and Sugata River. The banks along these rivers are used for tea cultivation, making use of the abundant sunshine. The tea, known as Kanayama Cha, has its own exquisite aroma and taste, and is highly appreciated as a gift as well as for daily consumption.


Ryu-no-Hitomi is a species of rice that was accidentally discovered growing among Koshihikari rice stalks in September, 2000. A premium grade of Japanese rice. Grains are 1.5 times larger than conventional rice, and have extra flavor and stickiness (that's a good quality in Japan), an elastic texture, and sweetness. It won the grand prize in the National Rice Quality Competition held in 2006.



tochinomi-senbei (rice cracker)

Lavishly adding the savory aroma of the Japanese horse chestnut, we've brought back an old-fashioned flavor to the rice cracker with our unique technique.
This is available at every souvenir shop in the Gero Onsen spa district.