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Sightseeing spot around Gero City

List of sightseeing spot around Gero City

With Gero as your pivot hub, plenty of sightseeing places are accessible.

Hida Furukawa(Hida City)

Hida Takayama(Takayama City)

飛騨古川 飛騨高山
Along the Seto River where colorful carp swim, you can see the white walled warehouses of local sake breweries and the stone walls of temples, offering the scenic atmosphere of a castle town.
Situated in the mountains of the Hida region, Takayama preserves a large portion of the remaining traditional Japanese homes. Feelings of nostalgia can be enjoyed during some activities, such as strolling about town and visiting the morning markets.

Shinhodaka Cable Way(Takayama City)

Norikura Skyline Mountain Highway(Takayama City)

新穂高ロープウエイ 乗鞍スカイライン
The ascent via gondola cable car through an altitude span of 1,039 meters (3,400 feet) will take you to a wonderful panoramic view of nature, with the great northern Japanese Alps in the background.
Norikura Mountain, which is registered as a special sanctuary and national park, abounds with rare animals and plants. Shuttle buses take you in comfort to Tatamidaira, a location that is 2,702 meters (8,865 feet) above sea level.

Shirakawa-Go (Shirakawa Village)

Gujo Hachiman(Gujo City)

白川郷 郡上八幡
At this site are some of the remaining Gassho-zukuri houses (traditional Japanese farm village houses with thatched roofs) registered as a World Heritage site, offering some nostalgic scenery.
Gujo Odori is one of three major styles of traditional Japanese folk songs and dances. At the foot of Hachiman Castle, the city holds four days and nights of dancing during the Bon Festival, based on the lunar calendar, and the city is crowded with many tourists.

Magome and Tsumago(Nakatsugawa City and Nagiso Town, Nagano Prefecture)

Kamikouchi(Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture)

馬籠・妻籠 上高地
This city prospered during the Edo Period (1603-1868) as a hotel town along the Nakasendo Route (the major, central east-west road of the time) in the Kiso region. Visitors can enjoy the atmosphere that remains of this traditional Japanese travel road and nearby villages.
This is a distinguished and beautiful mountainous site, with 3,000-meter high mountains (9,800 feet) including the Hodaka Mountain Range. Visitors can fully enjoy nature by walking along the promenade near Kappa Bridge and Taisho Pond.

Aqua Toto Gifu and the Aeronautics and Space Museum(Kakamigahara City)

Aqua Toto Gifu is an aquarium with the focus of exhibiting freshwater fishes from around the world. In the Kakamigahara Aeronautics and Space Museum, the low-level noise, short takeoff and landing (STOL) experimental aircraft "ASKA" is exhibited. Visitors can learn about both water and sky.
【Aqua Toto Gifu】
【Space Museum】

Mino Handmade Paper and Seki Forging(Mino City and Seki City)

Flower Festa Memorial Park(Kani City)

関鍛冶 花フェスタ記念公園
Mino City is known for its Japanese handmade paper. You can still feel the distinctive atmosphere of traditional paper manufacturing. On the other hand, Seki City is a place of metal craftsmanship and traditions, with more than a 700-year history of forging. Above all, their sword-making techniques are incomparable.
Seasonal flowers can be enjoyed throughout the year. The manner with which the park is covered in flowers is elegant and fantastic.

Japan Taisho Village and Iwamura Castle Town(Ena City)

Ena Valley(Ena City)

岩村城下町 恵那峡
The city preserves good old, traditional Japanese scenery. Such peaceful sites can be found throughout the city, and visitors can enjoy the retrospective ambiance they provide.
Ena Valley, a natural prefectural park, is a beautiful spot where the seasons of nature can be enjoyed throughout the year, such as cherry blossoms in spring, the fresh greenery of summer, autumn foliage, and migrating birds in winter.

Meiji Village and Inuyama Castle Town(Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture)

Japan Showa Village(Minokamo City)

明治村 日本昭和村
Meiji Village is an outdoor museum, where buildings from the Meiji Period (1868-1912) have been moved from other areas of Japan and reassembled. Inuyama Castle is a national treasure, and the oldest existing castle in Japan.
A typical village from the 1950s in a natural setting is reproduced. Traditional snack shops and wooden buildings, such as an elementary school, are exhibited. Visitors can also participate in craftsmanship courses at some sites.

Gifu Castle and Nagara River Fishing with Cormorants(Gifu City)

It is fascinating to watch how fishermen deftly handle their cormorants while the birds catch ayu sweetfish under the flaming torchlight of cormorant fishing boats.