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General Information about Gero



 Gero is located almost in the center of Gifu Prefecture, with Hida Takayama and the World Heritage site of Shirakawa Village to the north. Gifu City, the capital of Gifu that is well known for catching fish using cormorants in the Nagara River, is to the south. Gero is situated within the Hida Kisogawa National Park, and through the city center, the clear water stream of the Hida River flows southward. Another clear stream flows westward, the Maze River, teeming with ayu sweetfish (a kind of trout). The fish from the Maze River have been selected as having the finest quality in all Japan.

  With its geographical feature of ups and downs, from the peak of holy Mount Ontake at an altitude of 3,067 meters (10,200 feet) to Hida Kanayama in the southern section of Gero City at 220 meters (730 feet) above sea level, the differences in altitude range about 2,800 meters (9,500 feet). Gero is also famous for its scenic variety. One can enjoy each transition of the exquisite settings in nature surrounding the mountain villages for more than a month at a time, with both the spring cherry blossoms and autumn foliage. Gero is literally, the “home of mountains and streams.”



 Hayashi Razan, a Confucian scholar of the Edo Period, called Gero Onsen one of the top three spas in Japan, along with Arima Spa in Hyogo Prefecture and Kusatsu Spa in Gunma Prefecture. With Gero Onsen as its primary spa, Gero City is a sightseeing area that has spas in abundance. One spa, Nigorigo Onsen, is open year round and is located at the highest altitude of any spa in Japan.


History and Culture

 Nature and spas are not the only charms of Gero. Our history that has been passed from generation to generation in the bosom of the mountains is also something to be heard, revealing unique, original histories of the area for each major period. In locations such as shrines and temples, you can find traces of well-known people, traditional houses, and historical places related to spas. While relaxing in nature and easing your mind in the comfort of spas, please experience the wonderful legacy of the Gero region.


 Gero aims to be a sightseeing venue where the local agricultural products are consumed, so that our distinctive customs and food culture can be cherished and preserved. In addition to roasted ayu sweetfish and mountain vegetables, one can enjoy our famous and delectable “Hida Beef." Blessed by mountains, rivers, and the four seasons, Gero is rich in natural gourmet cuisine.